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Choosing a Jupiter Realtor to Sell Your Kid Friendly House

Choosing a Jupiter Realtor to Sell Your Kid Friendly House

Are you looking for a realtor who understands the needs of someone who’s selling their home and has young children? Here’s how you can find the right realtor for your situation and keep your kids happy at the same time

Get to Know Your Realtor Before You Sign With Them

As a parent you know kids are unpredictable and do not have endless patience. That’s why you need to work with a realtor who’s patient and will be on your side even when you need to reschedule your appointments because of your kids. Here’s a few ways to find out if you and the realtor will work well together.

Ask for a dinner meeting together and bring your kids. This is a great way to gauge their patience. If they can’t handle an hour with you and your family, they may not tolerate changes in appointments very well either. It’s definitely a good sign if they keep their composure during dinner even if your kids treat a dinner out of the house as a fun free for all.

When you meet, ask them if they’ve worked with young families before. You can also ask them how they would handle a cancelled showing because you just found out about a school play. After all, you never know when your kid will tell you about school functions. The key here is that you want to work with someone who is not only patient, but flexible as well. In life things come up out of the blue and that’s even more true when you have kids.

When you have kids, the living room can go from clean to demolished in no time flat. That’s not always convenient when you want to sell your home. That’s why you need to work with an agent who’ll work on a realistic time table. Let your realtor know that you’re flexible and can work in a last minute showing here and there but that you need advance notice. After all, you’ll need to clean up the kids’ toys, get them ready to leave the house, and pick a place to go while your realtor shows the house.
It’s possible to reduce the stress of selling your home if you have work with the right agent. When looking for a realtor in Jupiter, make sure they’ve worked with young families before, are patient, and flexible. Just keep that advice in mind and your home selling experience should be a good one.

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Benefits of Using Organic Laundry Detergent

Benefits of Using Organic Laundry Detergent

We’ve all been there – in the aisle at the grocery store looking at the myriad of options of laundry detergent. From super cheap to super expensive, you can find some for every price point. Organic laundry detergent has gained a strong foothold in the industry even with prices towards the higher end of the spectrum. But what really makes it so special? Is it worth the organic title or is just more hype and a marketing gimmick to make people buy it?

make your own laundry detergentOrganic laundry detergent is not just hype. There are some obvious benefits of using it over regular laundry detergent, including the fact that it simply cleans your clothes more efficiently. Time and time again studies have proven that detergents with plant based cleaners do a better job at removing stains than their chemical counterparts do. This alone is a huge reason to buy organic!

Another reason to splurge on the organic detergent is that they’re safe for your septic system. This may not seem like a big deal now, but paying for damage you’ve done to your septic system can be a costly endeavor. Using a detergent that won’t harm your system is a way to keep it in its best shape possible for years to come.

And, when you buy in bulk you can actually get organic detergent for cheaper than regular! Yep, it’s true. Skip buying it at the big box store and head for your local co-op or purchase through Amazon. Ounce for ounce you should be able to find a better deal on it than the non-organic kinds. Saving money and protecting your septic system? Sounds like a win-win.

Your clothing touches your skin all day long. The harsh chemicals in detergent can cause reactions that can really hurt. This is worse if you already have sensitive skin, but even if you don’t you can cause problems after years of wearing chemically-cleaned clothing.

Going organic guarantees that no harmful chemicals will rub up against your skin all day long and everything from baby onesies to dress clothes will be all the better for this. Taking care of yourself and your family has never been this easy or inexpensive.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to using organic over regular laundry detergent. Next time you’re out shopping take a look at the list of ingredients in both and compare prices. You may find that what you thought was going to be a hard decision is pretty easy after all.

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